Sanera 500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner HOCL


Sanera 500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner (HOCL) is designed to clean hard non-porous surfaces at full strength.

Hypochlorous Acid


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Sanera 500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Hypochlorous Acid – HOCL @ 500 ppm)

Sanera 500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner is safe for use since it is Neutral pH and made from natural components.  The key ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid.  Don’t be concerned by the word acid.  This acid is no more dangerous than citric acid, found in oranges and lemons.  In fact Hypochlorous Acid is found in and made by our body for the expressed purpose of fighting infections.  Sanera 500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution designed to help you live a cleaner and healthier life.  Formulated with just 3 ingredients – salt, water, and electricity – to form hypochlorous acid (or HOCl), this powerful solution can be used to clean everything you come in contact with throughout your day.  This multi-action cleaner and deodorizer is free of harsh chemicals and toxic fumes making it ideal for use around humans, animals, and plants.

Essentially Sanera 500 is your immune system in a bottle.

***Regarding the current coronavirus crisis, the World Health Organization has indicated that all chlorine based disinfectants are appropriate to use to combat this virus, this is exactly what Hypochlorous acid is doing.

Cleaning Surfaces with HOCL

Because Sanera 500 hypochlorous is a chlorine-based product, it’s not only effective for cleaning surfaces, but also safe for use in bathrooms and kitchens as well. It can be used to wipe down counters, clean windows, sanitize doorknobs, and clean tables.  Sanera 500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner is great for cleaning any hard non-porous surface such as counters, windows and floors.  It can also be used for carpet cleaning when diluted.  We suggest a dilution rate of 5:1.  **Spot treat an inconspicuous area of your carpet to confirm colour fastness.

Cleaning the air with HOCL

Hypochlorous can be used in a humidifier to mist an entire space. While it does that, it’s cleaning everything in its path including yourself. It’s a great way keep everything clean more consistently.  Sanera 500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner can be used in your humidifier at a diluted ratio for odour control and to keep everything fresh, clean and safe.  For use in our Sanera e-Mist Humidifier (available elsewhere on this site) use 200 ml of Sanera 500 per 2 litre fill.

** Shelf Life is 6-Months, after which time Sanera 500 will still be useful as a very effective sanitizer for an additional 6-months.  Sanera 500 is bottled at a concentration of 500 ppm FAC.  We guarantee the strength to be at least 300 ppm for 6-months from the date of manufacture, date shown on the container.


Our Sanera 500 is produced by electrolysis. Meaning the process adds an electrical charge of over 900 mVA to the HOCL molecule.  Health Canada and other world-wide health agencies recognize a strength of  300 ppm HOCL  with an ORP over 600 mV as effective for use as a disinfectant.  eHOCL has been shown to be effective as a cleaner, sanitizer and even as a disinfectant.  Sanera 500 when diluted to a strength of 200 ppm can be used on food contact surfaces without having to rinse the surface prior to use.  See the Helath Canada Letter Of No Objection (LONO) – Click Here  to read the LONO.


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