Our Offerings

Advanced Cleaning Equipment designed to Clean For Health, not appearance.

On-Site training of your team.  A focus on making you a success, not the products we sell.

Finding a solution to your problems.  We listen, research and offer suggestions for improvement. 

It is not our task to "sell" you on a product.  We provide solutions.

If you see your business as industrial, then we are industrial. If you see your business as part of the hospitality sector, then we are in the hospitality sector.

  • Industrial - includes light, medium and heavy industry.
  • Hospitality - includes recreation, hotels, care facilities, and other places where the public may be present. We see government and schools as hospitality.
IHS Depot


Without a professional approach to safety, you, your staff and customers could be at risk from a workplace injury. If there is a workplace injury, do you have the correct equipment and supplies available? Do you have a written plan? Do you have current Safety Data Sheets available?

IHS Depot can help in all of these areas. Call us.


Now that you have been to some of our vendor sites, made a selection, or have questions about a product, can we help further? We don't charge for advice or quotes. Call, email, sign up ... Click the green button to the right.