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What is a Kaivac Cleaning System?

A Kaivac Cleaning System is a type of Commercial Cleaning Equipment that uses powerful, high flow vacuum extraction to remove dirt, germs and contaminants from various surfaces. It is designed to clean hygienically without touching the dirty areas.  Kaivac offers different models of cleaning systems for different purposes, such as restrooms, kitchens, floors, refrigeration and more.

Benefits of Using a Kaivac:

  • Removes more soil and germs than traditional cleaning methods, such as mopping, by using high pressure water and vacuum extraction.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination by avoiding touching dirty surgaces and using fres water and chemistry for each cleaning.
  • Improves client satisfaction, health and safety by providing cleaner and drier restrooms, floors and other areas.
  • Saves time, labour and costs by simplifying the cleaning process and requiring less equipment and supplies.


Complete Cleaning for Healthier Results!
Long considered the leader in restroom cleaning technology, Kaivac is not just for washrooms any more.
Hard surface floor cleaning of hallways, lobbies, cafeterias, warehouses, fitness areas.
Food Service Cleaning - healthier and will generate greater customer returns.
Hospital / Care Facilities Cleaning

Sanera Canada provides us with the ability to distribute eHOCL, often called Anolyte or Hypochlorous Acid.  Whatever you know it as eHOCL is a great cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer.  Organic, safe and proven to be up to 100 times more effective than bleach.

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ProTeam Vacuum Cleaning - Cleaning For Health™

ProTeam vacuum cleaners are Commercial grade vacuums that offer lightweight, ergonomic and effective cleaning solutions for various environments.  ProTeam is the original innovator of the backpack vacuum, which allows users to move freely and reach hard-to-clean areas.  ProTeam also offers other types of vacuums, including upright, canister, cordless and wet/dry.

ProTeam Cleaning For Health® is a cleaning approach and philosophy developed by ProTeam.  The program emphaisizes the importance of cleaning not only for appearance but also for the well-0being and health of building occupants.  It's especially relevant in environments where indoor air quality, allergen reduction and hygiene are significant concerns such as commercial spaces schools, healthcare facilities and your home.

The Cleaning For Health program is built on several key principles:

  • High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration (HEPA) - ProTeam uses HEPA filtration media for their filters.
  • Four-Level Filtration - ProTeam vacuums use four-levels of filtration that include, pre-filters, intermediate, micro and the HEPA filter media material.  This comprehensive approach ensures the maximum level of trapping contaminants and reduces the likelihood of them being released back into the air.
  • Reduced cross-contamination
  • Efficient Cleaning
  • Training and Education



In the fast-paced world of service, our durable, easy-to-use vacuums will triumph over every challenge. Tackle food debris and odour to create healthier food preparation areas and inviting dining spaces.

ProTeam Backpacks save valuable labour time so you can spend less time vacuuming around obstacles and spend more time doing the things your guests value most.

Possibly no other industry in the world thrives more on freshness and revitalization than hospitality. The essence of the industry is making patrons feel comfortable and at home, allowing foreign or unpleasant odours into their rooms is absolutely unacceptable.
Pow-Air can make your hotel or restaurant one of the places people prefer to visit. "33% of people surveyed say they have left a business because the washroom smelled like urine."

Fix that problem with Pow-Air

WASIP is one of today's trusted safety equipment suppliers providing quality personal protective equipment, first aid kits, medical supplies, and industrial workwear.

Sanera Hygiene Products


Also known as ECA (Electrochemically Activated) this category of products is known throughout the world for its' ability to sanitize and disinfect. Essentially E-Water is created from salt, water and electricity. .

Sanera hygiene products are made to be among the safest and most effective cleaning agents available.  They are produced by electro-chemical activation (ECA) of 2 raw materials - salt and water.  The salt and water are deconstructed using electricity and then recombined to produce a chemistry found in every mammal on earth.  This chemistry known as eHOCL - ECA generated hypochlorous acid.  Don't get excited by the word "acid".  This a good acid, just like citric acid in an orange is good.

Sanera 500 Anolyte is eHOCL with a strength of 500 ppm.  This is 80 - 100 times the strength of bleach.  Powerful and yet safe.  The Sanera 500 has a pH of 6.5 - 7.0, neutral.  No protective equipment is required.

In different applications a strength of less than 500 ppm is appropriate.  Health Canada have offered Sanera a Letter Of No Objection (LONO) for the use of eHOCL in food plants.  Where the strength is 200 ppm or less no rinse is required.  (Over 200 ppm a rinse of food contact surfaces would require a rinse.)

Sanera Wash is made with a strength of 200 ppm and is intended for use as a body / hand wash.

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Kärcher – global provider of cleaning technology

The family-owned company, Kärcher is today the world's leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems. Kärcher makes a difference through top performance, innovation and quality.


IHS Depot can provide your business with the knowledge and experience necessary to select the proper equipment to clean and maintain any hard or carpeted surface.  The Kärcher product line is full of professional choices.  Their technical and support team is by far the best in this business.

And those words come from someone with a last name Tennant.

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Verified Clean by Sanera Canada is a program offering third-party verification of the cleaning processes used by commercial properties and venues such as hotels, convention centres and shopping centres.

Do you know the difference between a surface that looks clean and one which is actually clean? 

The Sanera Verified-Clean program can offer you a level of assurance that the custodial staff of your location are using a process and equipment that can consistently achieve a level of clean you require.

A combination of Training, Equipment and Evaluation yields client satisfaction and a healthy environment for all.


Sanera Verified-Clean: The Standard for Cleanliness 

IHS Depot is an authorized Dealer Partner with the Sanera Verified-Clean program.

To assure your customers that they are entering a clean, public venue consider joining the Sanera Verified-Clean program.

The SVC program makes your cleaning processes work as a powerful marketing advantage. 

Clean, Measure, Monitor

Helping You Keep your Facility Safe and Sanitized

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Bug-Tek is a great solution for bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, ear-wigs, spiders, Fleas, blood ticks, silverfish, and flies.

CleanFix Commercial Robotic Vacuum

The Navi S170 Commercial Robot Vacuum has a run time of up to 4-hours on a single charge.  Schedule your cleaning to suit your schedule or the schedule of the venue.  Full reporting of activity on the FieldBot AP.

Reduce the number of people having access to your building by using a "robot" to vacuum.  Free up your team members to do other cleaning / maintenance activities.

The dump station / charging station is included.


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Clean hands are just the beginning. Skin Health and Hygiene Solutions from The Inventors Of PURELL


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Cleaning Equipment for Professional use

Karcher is the world's biggest manufacturer of cleaning machines with a wide range of machines, accessories and detergents designed with the customers' needs in mind.


Compliance for Workplace Safety, Transportation, and Identification.  TAGS, LABELS, SIGNS - we like these guys for barrier tapes.

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We are always looking for new products to represent.  We are focused on sales growth and we will not over promise then under deliver.



We are looking for a supplier of high quality chemistry for use in Green and Fragrance Free environments.