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- Celebrating 7 Years -

We are thankful for the continued support of our customers along the way to this milestone.

Welcome To IHS Depot

IHS Depot has a stated purpose of being the one supplier that will stand out in your mind as best in class for industrial and hospitality suppliers.

We feature KaiVac No-Touch Cleaning, ProTeam and Intelligent Design Manufacturing Vacuums, Sanera Hygiene and Kärcher products.

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in Niagara Peninsula & South West Ontario

This is where we live and work.  The Niagara Peninsula, South West Ontario and the GTHA are considered our hometown.  We work hard to be involved in the community and support our neighbours. 

The way we operate is to listen and then draw upon the experience we have to suggest products or methods to satisfy the goals and requirements of you, our clients.  We do not sell you, we bring solutions.


Who is IHS Depot

IHS Depot is a Canadian owned and operated company located in St. Catharines, Ontario. We have sales and service capabilities primarily in the Niagara Peninsula however we do have coverage throughout all of Ontario and soon to be in New Brunswick.

We represent manufacturers in a broad spectrum of categories ranging from material handling products through housekeeping or facilities maintenance, health & safety, packaging, lighting, electrical, and probably we could sum it up with - We have what you want.

Two men walking down a hallway in a warehouse.
A warehouse filled with lots of boxes and shelves.

Industrial Supplies

Our name, IHS Depot, when expanded, is Industrial Hospitality Supply Depot. We recognize countries and regions are changing in how they contribute to the economic wealth of their people. The Niagara peninsula, while there has always been a tourism, agriculture, and industrial mix, has changed.

A greater focus on recreation, winemaking, and tourism are evident. The industrial base is changing from a focus on steel to one more closely following what might be better described as aerospace, wind power, and communications related.

IHS Depot understands the future will be here later today and have developed relationships with vendors to reflect the changing needs of our customers. Sure we have the standard products; however, we go well beyond those.

If we can be a resource for you, even if you only want some information, give us a call or sign up here for our mailing list. We promise not to overload your inbox.


Everyone at IHS Depot has a unique skill set. We come from a variety of business backgrounds, and we respect the fact that we don't know everything about anything. We want to learn, contribute, and improve.

Our value to you is that through conversation, we can solve, or at the very least, reduce your stress, your costs, and your need to train new suppliers continually.


Our Team is growing. Yes growing. As we build our business, we continue to add people and roles to meet the business need.
It comes down to ROI and quality of service. It always does.

We want to have you think of us as friends. We will do the same. Perhaps even "best friends." After all, you can tell your best friends anything. Things like "that product is not going to work for your application."

What Set Us Apart from Others?

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We want to understand your needs, not just sell you something. Far too often, we see customers using dated technologies, poorly configured solutions, and overly expensive methods. We would rather ask you to explain the need and then confirm or offer an alternative solution.

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Technology can be scary, and most people think it costs them more than it actually does. An example might be the change from a string mop and bucket to microfibre technology and a new way of cleaning. Savings in labor, workplace injuries, and reduced chemical use are but a few areas we can show you savings through new techniques and technology.

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The world is smaller today than it ever was with everything on the internet. But we believe there is still room for a Local presence. How else might you talk in person, face-to-face with someone, show them the problem, try options, and develop a business to a business relationship that is lasting?

We are local. We live among our customers, we play here, and we give back to our community.