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Autovac by Kaivac

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AutoVac™ Stretch™ by Kaivac

AutoVac Stretch ™ is a simple high-speed system for cleaning wide-area hard surfaces like hallways, cafeterias, warehouses, fitness areas and more. Kaivac’s extreme soil removal technology combined with its unique recycling option enable unprecedented cleaning range and productivity in a walk-behind machine — without loss of cleaning effectiveness.  It offers auto-scrubber performance at a fraction of the cost, and complexity.  And, it uses up to 75% less water while reducing chemical usage by 66% or moreCLEANER, SHINIER FLOORS

In tests performed by a major university, the AutoVac system removed up to 99.8% of targeted soil. This was slightly better than an auto-scrubber, which removed up to 99.4%.  A brand new microfiber mop only removed 50.9%.  Plus, in gloss meter testing, the system’s gentle, non-abrasive cleansing action resulted in approximately 25% shinier floors.  This system also reduces the frequency of having to refinish your floors.

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