I-Vac C6 Industrial Canister Vacuum by I-Team


I-Vac C6 Commercial / Industrial canister vacuum, 6L capacity.  High / Low suction settings.  Telescoping Wand and Low Profile floor tool with heavy-duty non-crush hose.


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The I-Vac C6 comes with a host of great features.  The I-Vac C6 comes with a high/low switch for day time cleaning.  Side ribs around the power switch, so the operator cannot switch the machine off with their foot.  Illuminated power switch and detachable power cable for a simple 3 step troubleshooting.  Also included with the i-vac C6 is vertically parking to prevent the machine from moving when cleaning around stairways and gives the machine an efficient storage profile.

The i-vac C6 has a filter cartridge system, with standard black, but options to upgrade a machine to HEPA or ULPA when needed.  No need to decide on time of purchase of the machine.  It also comes as standard with a flexible 15 meter (50 foot) cable of soft pvc and Australian copper.  This offers freedom of mobility without the constant need of untangling the cord.

The i-vac C6 has soft bumper to protects the machine as well as the furniture. The patented Whizzo system notifies the operator when the bag is full.  When the Whizzo sounds it also releases the excess heat to preserve the lifetime of the vacuum motor.  Finally, the i-vac C6 has a patented motor exchange system.  It only takes 2 minutes to replace a motor.  Just slide out the old unit and slide in the new one, no rewiring needed.  Cuts down potential down time of operations, logistical costs of switching out machines and extends the total life time of the machine.

Technical specifications

Carry weight:  6.8 kg

Weight with cable:  7.8 kg

Net weight incl. packaging:  10.8 kg

Size body : (l x w x h) 39 x 38 x 36 cm

Hose length:  250 cm

Cable length:  1500 cm
Capacity:  6 L
Motor power:  850 W
Sound level:  62 dBA | 58 dBA (High / Low Speed)
Water lift/suction:  2200 mm
Air flow:  50 L/sec | 52 L/sec
Dry Operation ONLY
Detachable cord: Yes
Warranty:  1 year
SKU: 21VC06IV2515C

*** Floor tool may not be as shown in picture.  Availability due to supply chain may require that we substitute the two position (hard surface / carpet) tool at the moment at no additional charge.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 in


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